Parrot and Seal

APAB Ltd, trading as Parrot and Seal, are a family run organisation with many years unique experience in all fields of zoological, film and media, marine biological, and birds/animal training expertise. Based on knowledge gained from much practical application we now have a wide variety of successful shows, operating in Zoos, Wildlife Parks and Pleasure Parks throughout the U.K. The shows all involve the use of live animals and birds, principally sealions, parrots and more recently other birds and animals. The livestock are trained by ourselves using positive reinforcement coupled with successive approximation as the basis of all our bird and animal training schedule. Each show is designed to blend into each particular parks surroundings and park management's requirements for both educational and entertainment content. Our shows therefore range from pure fun through a relaxed "Meet the Animals" approach, to shows of a more highly educational standard. Our approach is always that, in these days of intense interest in conservation and wildlife concern, education is much more easily absorbed if delivered with a mixture of humour and entertainment so we always aim for some educational content in the most commercial of Park operations.







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